Etwa 8 Millionen Tonnen Plastik kontaminieren jährlich unsere Meere.

Geschätzte 10% davon stammen von verlorenen Fischernetzen!

In Zusammenarbeit mit bureo hat Karün die weltweit ersten Sonnenbrillen aus wiederverwerteten Fischernetzen, mit hochwertigen Gläsern von Carl Zeiss, entwickelt. Mit jeder Sonnenbrille wird ein Beitrag zur Vermeidung der fortschreitenden Verschmutzung unserer Meere geleistet.

Karün: A Symbol of Change

Karün is an eyewear brand from Patagonia (Chile) who produces outdoor sports and outdoor lifestyle sunglasses from reclaimed and upcycled materials, where each frame has a positive impact on the environment as well as rural communities of Patagonia. Karün is dedicated in proving that it is possible to create a global business founded on responsible values and a circular value chain. Through their sunglasses they want to invite people to start looking at the world from a different point of view.

Different types of waste that affect natural ecosystems – like abandoned fishing nets – are collected by local and rural entrepreneurs in Patagonia, the south of Chile. These wastes are turned into raw materials, which Karün buys and transforms into high quality eyewear. By selling the raw materials the entrepreneurs are generating an additional source of income which they use to expand their own local businesses and part of Karün’s revenue from selling the eyewear goes back to support new entrepreneurships. Karün offers all customers to hand in damaged products to be recycled into a new frame, closing the loop.

Join Karün in looking at the world from a different point of view!


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